Sample Essay

Your House by Alanis Morsette

The Canadian singer put this on her much acclaimed album Jagged Little Pill which performed wonders globally, selling 30 million copies worldwide. It’s a rather feminine number but it fits the rest of her music perfectly. Moreover, Alanis performed this live on MTV, shedding some light on the number and actually increasing its popularity as far as hidden tracks are concerned (Pop tarts suck toasted, 2009).

Euro-Trash Girl by Cracker

Cracker do not usually associate their singles with their full length albums, so this track was a special instance indeed. It featured as an unlisted track (track 69) on the album Kerosene Hat which was released in 1993. The song is part of the alternative genre going with the rest of the album’s theme.

Her Majesty by The Beatles

This is one of the oldest hidden tracks and is sometimes credited to have pioneered the field of secret tracks. Released as part of the album Abbey Road in 1969, it became one of the fads of that era quickly making its way around the fan circle. The album itself was one of the last to be recorded before the dissolution of the band in 1970, and that became reason enough for the unlisted track’s rise to fame (, 1996).

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