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Essay: Tourism in Antarctica | Term Paper Queen

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Antarctica is a widely unpopulated region with plentiful wild life and glaciers throughout the landscape. The main wild life attractions of Antarctica are penguins, walruses, seals, and whales while on the other hand the sheer size and amount of icebergs is a huge tourist attraction in itself (Travel Wekly Australia, 2008). Another natural attraction for tourists is aurora australis or southern lights which have a magical and fascinating effect on people.

Tourists of more adventurous nature usually visit Antarctica just for the thrill of it and the dangers associated with travelling in the region. Although there are various tourist attractions in Antarctica the mode of travelling are limited and quite dangerous. Most tourists selecting Antarctica as their recreational destination use cruises or ship tours to travel to and around Antarctica (Eisen, 2007). Some areas in the Antarctic region are only accessible to rafts, kayaks and zodiacs and these modes of transport are usually provided by cruise line or tour operators.

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