Sample Essay

The internal factors included how the individual perceived his career and his attitude towards his job while the external factors included those aforementioned traditional definitions of success. The study concluded that the social aspects of the external factors as well as satisfaction with their occupations were perhaps the most defining aspects of their careers (Judge, Higgins, Thoresen and Barrick 1999).

In 1980 Robert R. McRae and Paul T. Costa Jr. released their research on a personality theory known as the Five Factor Model. The theory provided a revolutionary text for students and experts alike. What was illuminating regarding this research was how these individuals enlightened the essential components of every personality type in five categories. These categories consisted of basic tendencies, characteristic adaptations, objective biography, self-concept and external influences (McRae and CostaPaul 1996).

These categories were subdivided into variables relevant to each category. Basic tendencies referred to the genetically inherited raw materials which shape an individual’s life. While characteristic adaptations occur from the interactions of the basic materials with the individual’s surroundings. Objective biography is a culmination of everything an individual has thought, said or experienced throughout their lives while self-concept is how the individual uses these experiences to craft his own identity. The final category is external influences; this is differentiated from characteristic adaptations through the fact that these influences are not generalized to every individual. As an example the experience of racism can be attributed to an external influence as a culture subset while characteristic adaptation provides information regarding the individual’s personal beliefs and attitudes (McRae and CostaPaul 1996).

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