Sample Essay


The chipmaker companies have always been trying to be technologically big by shrinking the size of a chip. After the silicon boom the emergence of 45-nanometer transistors technology based on the use of Hafnium is considered to be a breaking through revolutionary achievement in transistor technology by making a chip as small as 45 nm. In this paper we will evaluate microprocessor chips, their functions and their dynamic structure whether greater number of embedded transistors would eventually improve their functionality.

The difference in the use of both silicon and hafnium supported with the estimation of Gordon Moore on the discovery of hafnium would be included in this research.  Furthermore, additional findings are made regarding introduction of nanotechnology and its impact. Also the production procedures will be outlined and assess why companies have selected certain regional sites for the production. Finally it is obvious that the technology has become big and size of computers have shrunken over the years and with this portability has increased and other positive implications are also there for microprocessors. However, there are certain downsides of these innovations which will also be discussed in the research paper.

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