Sample Essay

There are various non pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies which are available to treat migraine. These therapies can also consist of conventional and unconventional means to treat this ailment. Within the non pharmacologic therapies the primary goal is the education of the patient. This education is primarily geared towards teaching patients to avoid migraine triggers such as cigarette smoke and drugs such as theopylline. Lifestyle adjustments such as waking early and regular exercise along with vitamin B12, magnesium and the herb feverfew have also shown much promise (Adelmun & Adelman, 2001). Unconventional methods have been employed in Turkish migraine sufferers, among whom therapy includes application of head bandages, application of cold water or ice to head, massages, taking warm or hot baths and inserting vegetable under head bandages (Selekler & Komsuoglu, 2004).

The decision to pursue primary prevention is a collaborative decision which must be undertaken between a doctor and patient. It is suggested in the case where the patient is experiencing recurrent, severe and tractable attacks. It is suggested that preventative therapy should be considered if the patient has 3 or 4 headaches a month. Drugs such as Beta adrenergic receptor agonist, Amitriptyline, Valproate and Serotonin agonists may be given to decrease the severity of the headaches by 50%. Verapamil is also widely prescribed though has shown poor benefits and topiramate is widely used in cases of medical overdose of migraine medications.

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