Sample Essay

Competitive Advantage Analysis

The competitors to Franc and Bren cab services in the transport industry are inclusive of; Yellow cab, City cab, Capital cab together with Diamond cab among others. The main weakness of these competitors (a competitive advantage to Franc and Bren cab services) is that they do not have the option of payment through credit card and debit card together.

Their payment option is still being attached to the system of radio dispatch. Therefore, the company’s competitive advantage is based on the fact that in this taxi industry, it has a unique technology. Through the GPS, the company will be able to provide services in a timely manner through giving an arrival time estimate that is accurate. Through the use of the debit/ credit card, the customers will be assured of privacy and convenience during the period of transaction.

Table: The cab business segments

Segment Service bought

Cab services: Characterized with convenience, safety and comfort

Mobile data market segment
Credit/ debit card market segment
Dispatch segment

The above analyzed segmentation is based on the payment mode. However, it is clearly illustrated that all these segments seek a similar type of product satisfaction; cab services that are characterized by convenience, safety and comfort. In addition, all these segments are mainly in the category of low income and middle income customers.

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