Sample Essay

The question that enters my mind when I read the Republic is in regards to the fact that Plato considers education to be the defining act which separates those who do not know from those who know the Form of Good. In my viewpoint I find this thought process perplexing because as philosophers I believe the only true beginning and end for great thinkers is within the realm of nothing. Because it is only within the realm of nothing that everything is assumed, nothing is known and the truth can be revealed.

This was also the basis of the Euthypro where Socrates revealed to his subject that he knew nothing in an effort to teach him something.

By contrast it is understandable how taking Plato’s example of the cave dweller, it can be seen how new experience can color our ability to perceive the world around us. But if by seeing the ultimate form or the form of good we truly know the ultimate object of knowledge. Then how can the attainment of the ultimate object reject the images formed in our minds from previous experiences, since they are in fact part of that knowledge and not as Plato suggests imperfections in our cognition.

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