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Essay: True Pioneer of Computers | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

Michael Dell is a true pioneer in the personal computer and consumer industry. At 44 years of age he has won numerous awards from several prestigious institutions. According to Forbes magazine in 2009 he was the 25th on the list of the world’s richest people (Forbes 2009). His entrepreneurial skills and vision have brought a company from relative obscurity to being a giant in the personal computer industry in a matter of years. His various leadership decisions and lessons provided within his book show many of the traits found within entrepreneurs.

His vision of starting a company which would compete against IBM from his university dorm room and his eventual success shows his foresight, his self determination and his ability to seize on the opportunities presented to him. He is man who understands that in this business success does not lie in beating the competition, it lies with the consumers and their requirements and the ability of the company to meet those requirements. In that and as a leader he is truly an inspiration.

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