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Essay: True Worship | Term Paper Queen

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In the section being discussed Luther uses the biblical example of the sacrament in order to explain the hypocrisy of the church and its practices. How Christ’s sacrament was originally meant to be a spiritual gift meant to bring faith to those who had none and how the church has turned it into a mere ritual where the common man cannot distinguish between an act of will and an act of faith and worship. He speaks of how priests and bishops use these rituals to elevate themselves to the level of apostles. Making their congregation no better than idol worshippers with them as the idols.

It is much more in line with their beliefs to put forward that reverence and faith is not limited to these physical acts that true worship can occur even outside of the church. He ends his thoughts by providing an insight that if these holy men believe that men are sinful in nature and faith is the only cleansing source. Then they should acknowledge they are unclean as well since they are men first and foremost.

Here I believe the author does bring his point across sufficiently by establishing the difference between spiritual belief and physical acts which bear no meaning to it. Though a weakness exists in the author’s argument since these physical acts in Christianity can act as an augmenters of faith and belief.

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