Sample Essay

Question One:

Police officers would not need a warrant for Macintosh’s arrest since he ran from the scene of a crime and assaulted a police officer when he was caught. However, a warrant would be required to arrest Dean since he did not break any laws. According to the law, Dean may only be held by the police for a short period of time, after which the police could not legally hold him.

The police officers must tell the men the reason for their arrest and make sure they understand that they have a right not to answer the officer’s questions and whatever they say may be used against them as evidence.

Question Two:
The force used to stop Johnson was lawful due to two reasons. One, she was a suspect in a crime who was running from the scene and two; she continuously assaulted the police even after being tackled. In this case the officers on the scene have the right to use a certain amount of force to stop the suspect.

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