Sample Essay

Originally Chiropractic was designed to resemble more of a religion than a science. At the time Palmer actually made the assertion that his newfound practice could cure 95% of all ailments even those such as measles, influenza or even insanity. In fact Palmer and his son seriously considered promoting it as one since they declared that the practices within helped prepare souls for the journey into the next life. This practice of tying Chiropractic to religion is still continued by many practitioners today, while others declare it as an established scientific method for healing (Ernst 2008).

The initial success was so great that by 1925, in excess of 80 chiropractic schools were running in the continental United States. However, despite its success the schools were seen as churning out quacks who would take advantage of the general public. Rather than rely on experimentation, the practice of chiropractic placed importance on observing successful procedures, which further widened any involvement it may have had with medical science of the time. In fact many osteopaths of the time declared that this field was an altered form of their own practice.

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