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Essay: United States Army | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

1. The army thought it necessary to deploy an ERP system to synchronize their institutional and operational efforts in a timely manner. The operational environment is dynamic and requires quick support from the institutional side that is responsible for deploying resources (manpower, money and time) in an efficient manner and in areas where they are most needed. The ERP system provides the capability to orchestrate all pieces of relevant information and anticipate change in a way that will optimize the army at the enterprise level.  The idea was to implement changes in order to achieve the One Army, One Enterprise goal. As this transformation took place, the ERP system would ensure information sharing and elimination of boundaries between the institutional and operational army.

2. Before beginning to implement the ERP system, the management considered how they would manage the changes that were required on an enterprise level, who would manage the vast size and scope of the programs to be implemented as part of the scheme, whether to customize or configure the EPR software core functionality, and what kind of funds and time would be needed to develop interfaces that would integrate the ERP system with existing software. The most important factor was transforming the culture; these considerations revolved around the leadership, stakeholder alignment, costs, project life cycle and communication issues.

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