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Essay: United States Sanitary Commission | Term Paper Queen

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The road and the ground were covered by the bodies and their parts. After the victory when the victorious confederacy army got the orders of burials, then it seemed a difficult task. They were not able to count the dead. Bodies and body parts were scattered in the area of more than 55 yards. Along with soldiers there were the bodies of hundreds of horses also. All they assorted with one another in that bloody environment.

Battlefield looked hell from the day of the battle and after the soldiers’ bodies were buried and horses’ bodies were burnt, it was still depicting a horrific panorama (p.4 – p.7).

McPherson is describing all this in his book as words of an official who belonged to United States Sanitary Commission who came to treat those soldiers medically. After many days the newspapers were still announcing about the unending smell of blood and bodies. Wounded soldiers were almost in every house. This is what it takes to fight a battle. Whatever the reasons may be, be it political, be it social, or be it defensive it has a great bloodshed hidden in itself. War should not be the thing to do not even the last option (p-4 – p.7).

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