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Essay: Unlicensed Chiropractic Practices | Term Paper Queen

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Due to the American Medical Association at the time requiring that anyone who was treating patients as a medical professional should have satisfactory knowledge of certain subjects. Palmer and many others were imprisoned for their chiropractic practices since they did so without a license (Ernst 2008). As the number of chiropractors became more and more numerous, they increasingly became the targets for arrests due to their unlicensed practices.

In order to fight off these arrests more and more of the practitioners joined together and formed groups to challenge the legal system and exert their right to practice their craft. The first American Chiropractic Association was established by 1903. This led to the formation of the United Chiropractors Association in 1906. The UCA and ACA relinquished their authority concurrently and combined in order to facilitate the creation of the National Chiropractic Association in 1930. This association was created as a defence against the policies of the American Medical Association. The formation of this body led to the first International Chiropractic Congress in Los Angeles in 1935 (Keating and Rehm 1993).

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