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As a result of urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa has also given rise to the level of poverty in the region and many governmental and non-governmental organizations have attempted to lay considerable emphasis on the issue of addressing the increase in poverty[1].

According to a cautious reckon, reports Hanson (2007), over ‘one-third’ of the Sub-Saharan African population is inhabited in the urban areas and the increase would not stop in the coming years[2]. Moreover Hanson (2007) states the statistics by the ‘UN population Fund’s State of World Population’ that the seventy per cent population of the Sub-Saharan Africa inhabits ‘under slum conditions’ which tends to ‘spur’ the prospect of economic prosperity[3]. Various factors contribute in the increase in urbanization and migration from the rural areas is an important one along with the ‘reclassification’ of rural areas as urban’[4].

[1] Hanson, Stephanie. “Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa .” Council on Foreign Relations, 2007

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