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In the course of detailing and launch this thesis, Bulliet scrutinizes such issues as the source and extend of camel domestication and its link with the enraged trade; the progression of the North Arabian saddle and the rise of the Arabs; the prelude of the camel in North Africa; the relation between one-humped and two-humped camels and the victory of the former in the Arab world and the latter in Iran and Central Asia; and the use of camels as draft animals.

His credentials are very meticulous and span numerous authorities, but the argument is necessarily inferential and will no doubt evoke criticism and stimulate further discussion and research. But whatever meticulous finale one may squabble with, it is protected to speak that everybody fascinated in the economic and social, and hence the political-history of the Middle East can become skilled at much from this priceless and motivating book.

Next to the recommendation of the manuscript it should now “ask what difference it all made” (216): Of all these modifications in the tools of moving, what was the common chronological sense? Professor Bulliet outlines two responses, first is to learn the “attitudes” (p. 217) of the Muslims towards camels and the desert as spoken in the text, and secondly examine the “material effects”(ibid.) noticeable in municipal geography and procession paths.

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