Sample Essay

The Socratic Method is widely used in analytical fields such as law, science classrooms and mathematics. It acts as a stimulant or catalyst to the thinking process of the student under questioning. It is also a great way to help the student think quickly and helps spontaneity of thought. Students become good in thinking on their feet.

The question and answer process is usually a rapid fire between student and teacher and does not allow a large amount of time and space for the student to answer (Fabio). Besides for the fact that the students get the chance to think on their feet and use critical thinking and reasoning in their own thoughts, the Socratic Method also allows the students a chance to speak in front of an audience. This may initially be a rather embarrassing and gut wrenching experience for the students because their whole premise and foundation is being challenged in front of their peers and colleagues. Also, the professor can sometimes get carried away in the process.  Nevertheless, if a professor gets it right and succeeds in applying the method correctly, the learning process can be immaculate and the end result would benefit not only the student, rather the whole class would be better off and the atmosphere would be highly intellectual and a learning environment would be created.

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