Sample Essay

Reading the details above the question exists of how vampirism as a subculture grew from the secretive and elusive society to gain its immense following today. One reason which is apparent is the increasing exposure of such creatures within the media. Television exposure of vampires on series such as Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries as well as films such as the recent Twilight have brought great exposure and popularity to the vampirism culture.

The key difference between these vampires and Stoker’s creation exists within the expression of their humanity rather than the curse of vampirism (Abshire, 2009). Rather than expressing them as monsters who have embraced their condition, contemporary stories portray vampires as tragic figures who struggle with their desires and their needs. An example of this can be found in twilight where Edward continuous fights his bloodlust for his love interest Bella which acts as a metaphor for the sexual desires of youth (Goodwyn, 2009). It is perhaps for this reason that many of the original vampiric offshoots from Goth culture found their expression not through Stoker’s vision, but rather through Ann Rice and her vampire novels (Montenegro, 2001). In the nineties books such as Norine Dresser’s ”American Vampires”, Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s “Vampires Among Us” and Carol Page’s “Blood lust” extensively explored the mainstream culture of American vampires (Russo, 2005).

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