Sample Essay

Whether due to its depiction of sexual eroticism, inherent conflicts with humanity, immortality or even its religious undertones, the ever continuous acceptance of the vampire lore in contemporary times is astounding. Never before since Bram Stoker cemented his legacy with his legendary character Dracula has the media and general public so openly embraced the creatures of the night. Not only are several books, films and television series being produced to capitalize on this venture, there are also individuals who not only indulge in vampire role playing, but also purport themselves to be real vampires. This essay will explore the rapidly increasing popularity of the vampire sub culture in contemporary times while looking back on its origins from traditional European folk lore and contemporary vampire films. This thesis will also explore the opposition to this cultural growth from Christians and how they’re beliefs challenge the fundamental tenants of the vampire lore.

If we consider the original writings put forth by Stoker in 1897, by comparison the current crop of vampires or sanguinarians or livings vampires as they may call themselves, are a far cry from the original folklore manifestations which originated from Europe. Vampire legends were common place in Europe from the 16th to 18th Century and often told of deceased loved one rising from the grave and lying with their loved one.

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