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While other groups such as the CANA  see these individuals engaging in activities due to psychosocial disorders which cause them to feel alienated and seek a community or bonds to heal themselves. They seek to help them out of such situations through dialogue and understanding (Montenegro, 2001).

Despite their differences of opinion both groups see vampirism as a viewpoint which exists ethically, socially and philosophically outside the norms of society. They also say that the root of the issue lies not in the concept of the vampire itself but the belief of modern society in its realism. According to David Pescod, a scientist from the Linnean Society, 27% of U.S citizens believe that vampires exist and they bleed, suck and drink their victims dry. He also found that after Interview with a Vampire was released in theaters in 1992, 700 Americans were interviewed who said they believed vampires are real (Russo, 2005). From these statistics it seems clear that despite the efforts of this Christian coalition, it seems that vampires and their sub culture at least in the United States is here to….

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