Sample Essay

Over the course of one’s career or life, there are different situations that a person finds himself or herself in. More specifically, in an organization there are many different styles that a person, be it a junior staff level employee or a top level manager, needs to use in different circumstances. When I talk to a colleague who is also a close friend, I can afford to relax, crack a few jokes about his or her appearance or fashion style. This is not the case when I have a conversation with my course instructor or a boss in an organization. In that case, I need to be more polite and courteous, though a sense of humor is always appreciated but well within the circle of respectability.

Also, when with a friend, if there are other people present, I cannot afford to crack unkind jokes that may seem funny to the other people, but seem mean and hurtful to my colleague. By doing this, I might be embarrassing and humiliating a friend. For the sake of popularizing oneself by being perceived as funny and witty, I would lose a friend. Therefore, if more than two people are present, one has to change his or her personal style of conversation, even if the gathering includes friends and colleagues.

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