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Essay: Verdicts in Favor of Chiropractic Practices | Term Paper Queen

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Chiropractors fought back through an antitrust suit brought forward by four doctors. During the trail studies were shown as proof of the effectiveness of their practice and how it was twice as effective against studies showing results of conventional therapies (Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic 2010). They won in court in 1987 when the American Medical Association was found to be guilty of scheming against their profession. Other countries with similar trials also found similar verdicts in favour of chiropractic.

The victory however divided those involved with the profession. One side wanted to legitimize the profession by basing it on medical standards, they also wanted to bring the profession towards the realm of more conventional medicine and leave behind the methods which palmer had created. These individuals were known as the mixers. While others wanted to hold on to Palmer’s original theories on the practice curing all ills. These individuals are known as the straights. Though the straights have found themselves to be fewer and fewer in number in the ensuing years, they still exert a great influence over the chiropractic community. Recently two of the individuals following these beliefs won elections in the British General Chiropractic Council. Typically today the International Chiropractic Association primarily houses chiropractors who follow Palmer’s original ideas while the American Chiropractic Association is primarily composed of mixers (Ernst 2008).

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