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The Vietnam War is considered as an integral part of the American history and the America today. Its impact has been deep both on the political aspect and also in the cultural and ideological aspects. The war was fought between 1964 to1975 and the area of South Vietnam and bordering areas of Cambodia, and Laos became the main battlefield.

The two parties that were involved in the war can be mainly divided into two groups. First was the group of the anti communist forces which included the United States of America, The Republic of Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. On the other hand the other group can be called the communist forces and they comprised of with the coalition of Democratic republic of Vietnam, also known as North Vietnam, National Liberation Front which was a communist led guerilla movement. This guerilla movement was supported by the USSR both military and to some extent financially, but they themselves never got involved in the conflict.

From an American point of view the Vietnam War is not considered a very wise move from the state authorities at that time. For over fifteen years it became a daily part of life for most of the Americans, even though there is no proper consensus on the justification which has been given to support this act, its purpose and the results derived from this activity.

Some of the experts believe that the Vietnam War was a national policy blunder and a big failure of the part of the policy makers. As a result of this blunder there was a very heavy price which was paid by the Americans and the cost included 58000 Americans losing their lives and billions of tax dollars (Schroeder).

If we closely analyze the situation that time it would become quite evident that the war started out very benevolently, when the American advisors were sent to help the South Vietnamese. The primary objective of this was to give passage to the South Vietnamese army to resist the aggression which was caused from the north. Apart from that another purpose was to safeguard their sovereignty as a democratic nation.

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