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As a result the Saudi leaders granted the supporters of Wahhabism more control in almost all spheres of life in Saudi Arabia. Moreover the Ministry of Islamic Affairs funded the force in the entire Muslim world which resulted, advocates Zuckerman, the rise of ‘militant form of Islam’ that ‘pervades much of the Muslim world’. It is the ‘Saudi deflection of Wahhabism on to the world outside’, examines Zuckerman that nourished Al-Qaeda and other ‘terrorist groups hostile to the West’[1].

Zuckerman goes on to make claims without significant evidence that Saudi money supports Al-Qaeda, Hamas and other organizations that are functioning to pose a perilous threat to the very existence of the Western community and Bin Laden[2] aims to devastate the western community because he holds the view that the U. S led forces that were in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf war a decade ago are detrimental for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Zuckerman accuses the wife of a Saudi ambassador to Washington, Princess Haifa, for funding the supporters of the terrorists. Zuckerman ends the article with a warning to Saudi Arabia as he says that ‘they will truly regret if they get into the cross hairs of America’[3]. Saudi Arabia provided significant help to the Taliban[4] once the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989. Saudi Arabia is accused for helping the terrorists also because it was one of the few countries to grant diplomatic recognition to the Taliban in 1997 and it has been providing them financial aid for the consolidation of their rule in Afghanistan.

[1] As in 14

[2] Osama Bin Laden, the head of a militant organization, al-Qaeda

[3] As in 14

[4] A militant organization that fought the Soviet Union to restore Afghanistan

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