Sample Essay

David Thoreau’s book ‘Walden’ tells the tale of Thoreau’s experiences at his residence near Walden Pond as he secluded himself from society in order to obtain a more comprehensive and objective understanding of it and also to live a simplistic life. In spite of the isolated life that he strives to live he declares clearly, ‘I am naturally no hermit’. The book is an interesting blend of autobiography and a critique of the society in which he was encircled. He criticizes the materialism of people, which has resulted in their seclusion from nature. Thoreau attempts to return to the simplistic life style that is close to nature and is uncorrupted by the evils of industrial revolution. The account of Thoreau reflects Transcendentalist belief that a man can transcend the normality through nature.

In the discussion of characters it is important to discuss how the pivotal characters of the two works represent the themes of the authors. The protagonist of ‘The Bear’, however, is criticized as being a senile rebel against the sins of his forefathers as he finds it easy to renounce inheritance to rid the guilt of his forefathers’ sins. He does no effort in the abolition of slavery, an act that is criticized. The story commences with the announcement by the author, ‘There was a man and a dog too this time’ and the dog is named as ‘lion’. The story describes the rites of passages of Ike as it is seen that Thoreau’s Walden also tells the rites of passages of Thoreau. It seemed to him’, describes Faulkner in the story, ‘that at the age of ten he was witnessing his own birth. It was not even strange to him. He had experienced it all before, and not merely in his dreams’. 

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