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There have been controversies over Strauss’s being a secular Jew and it is established by many writers that he was neither an orthodox nor an atheist and he may have used religion owing to its mere utility than its truth. As a philosopher his interest also centered around knowing the nature of divinity and in his ‘Natural Right and History’

Strauss persuaded Socratic view of divinity different from materialistic view. He talks about the question of religion along with the question of the nature of the civil society and duties that is different from the conventional view with which atheism is associated that proves the superficiality of the arguments that claim that Strauss used religion for utilitarian purposes. Biblical revelation posseses a challenge to philosophy and refutes philosophy by revelation. Strauss’s denunciation of philosophy by revelation comes from Socrates. In ‘Natural Right and History’ Strauss shows how in Max Werber[1] revelation is transferred into value judgments. The conflict between reason and revelation does not prove reason weak. In his effort to restore the dignity of revelation he supports the significance of the awareness of knowing nothing (I know that I know nothing) and one’s need to know. The need to know is fulfilled by faith or reason is another significant question.

[1] A German lawyer, politician, historian, sociologist whose works dealt mainly with rationalization and disenchantment

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