Sample Essay

Though the waste of time by employees on non-productive activities is a matter serious concern to organizations but the advantages that Facebook offers as collaboration and information sharing tool are great as well. One way to tackle the problem of accessing non-productive content by the employees is to allow restricted access to the website. That is, access to all pages and application which would not contribute to employee’s productivity should be blocked. This would allow the employees to maintain their focus on the task at hand, rather than divulging into other activities. Furthermore, the Chat feature of the employees should also disable, through the use of firewall and application security policies, and organization specific Instant Messengers should used for this purpose.

Furthermore, strict vigilance policies with regard to the use of Facebook should also be implemented, where the senior employee, a group leader or a manager should be tasked with monitoring the use of the site among employees working under him or her. Though it might be cumbersome for some of the employees, but through vigilance an effective control can be achieved on how Facebook website is used within any organization.

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