Sample Essay

Although the incident took place nearly a hundred years ago in a time that is vastly different when compared to ours. In other words they were living in an era with very little scientific and technological advancement when compared to today. The fact that the man was able to inspire so many men to essentially follow him on a suicide run and then continue following him despite his subsequent failures is astounding. This books more than anything else is a good source for a practical idea on leadership and guidance in today world.

Its analysis shows how effective leadership is not simply about delegating tasks and meeting goals. It is also important to ensure that the people who get you to your goals receive the importance and care that they deserve. They are not simply worker ants, they are individuals and treating them as such will get you a much greater advantage than any marketing strategy you can devise.
The rich source material for this book not only provides the managerial basis for this idea but the psychological basis as well. The accounts of his management style and his enviable penchant for thinking ahead are the basis for every strategy used in the business world today. The additional interviews in the book with today’s most influential business leaders only serves to show how inspirational and relevant these ideas still are.

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