Sample Essay

Bariatric surgery is the common terminology that is used for weight surgery. Before making mind for the surgery it should be noted that bariatric surgery is a major surgery which could result in risks and major complications.  The two major types of weight loss surgeries include Restrictive Surgery and Malabsorptive Surgery (Smith, 2009).

  1. Restrictive Surgery:

In this kind of surgery a section of the stomach is removed to make it smaller, eventually what happens is that the amount of food that is to be eaten is limited and the person feels a sense of fullness which would end up in eating less and reducing weight.

  1. Malabsorptive Surgery:

As the bulk of the digestion process takes place in the small intestine this surgery tend to alter the length of the stomach. Less food is absorbed in the body and the person looses weight.

Pros & Cons:

Weight loss and improved health are the primary advantages of weight surgery, but there are some risks which are associated with it like for instance vomiting, gallstones, and nutritional deficiencies, dumping syndrome etc. In short we can say that undoubtedly weight loss is a major issue but there are several other natural methods of reducing weight. However consulting a doctor for medical advice is an essential procedure to start. It also depends on the situation of the individual for persons having serious medical problems associated due to high weights this could be a life saving procedure (Blackwell, 2008).

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