Sample Essay


Stimulants are widely used to enhance the efficiency of the brain temporarily. These drugs come under the classification of psychoactive drugs that enhance the levels of activity. Stimulants can promote attentiveness, temper and knowledge. This paper is going to highlight the definitions of stimulants and its various types, and the effects of these on mind, body, and life.

What are Stimulants?

Stimulants are compounds that enhance the efficiency of the nervous systems. It increases the amount of activity in an individual’s cerebral or physical positions. People who normally use stimulants are likely to experience an augmentation in attentiveness, efficiency, and stamina while doing any everyday job. There are various kinds of stimulants available in the market, which are frequently considered as parts of medications, consumer items and fizzy drinks, and drugs which are prohibited by law and governmental policy (Palo Alto Medical Foundation).

The effects of these can be consequential from the compounds like caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamine, nicotine, and other hazardous chemicals. Recent research over the past years demonstrates high risks of psychological and physiological dependence to stimulants on a rise irrespective to the limits of its exposure (Wagner).

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