Sample Essay

The final effects of stimulants can be very harmful. It can be concluded in this way that their usage may not lead to substantial reliance and threat of abandonment, stimulants can be addictive and the persons that make use of them often start using them on an unavoidable note. High dosages of stimulants taken consecutively over a short duration of time can give rise to aggression or paranoia. More to it, high dosages of a stimulant can cause high body temperatures and uneven heartbeat. Probability of cardiovascular or heart failure and other fatal apprehensions is also on the higher scale (National Institute on Drug Abuse).


It can be concluded in this ways that usage of certain stimulants might look appropriate in the initial stages, but frequent and heavy usage can result in serious effects leading towards severe harm. Awareness in this regard is very necessary. Parents should make their children aware of the facts regarding stimulants, since teenagers and adolescent humans are likely to be attracted towards the tempting pleasures of drugs. Elder people and adults should prioritize their children’s health and should take safety measures in this regard. Drugs are after all, a filthy element which needs to be vanished from every society. Campaigns against these stimulants should be supported and precautions should be taken prior to the effect.

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