Sample Essay

Islam only specifies that a mother is allowed to abort her child if she is breast feeding an infant giving priority to the child rather than the fetus. Rape is considered synonymous with adultery and is not considered a valid reason. Additionally many Muftis disagree regarding the use of abortion and have made several fatwas in relation. In cases of fetus deformity citing reasons regarding timing of the abortion and how the deformity should be judged. It should be mentioned however, that in most religious scholars are anti-abortion.

An example can be stated of how Kuwaiti women requested Muftis to allow abortions after numerous rapes by Iraqi soldiers in the Gulf war. The response was unanimous; they responded that a child should not be blamed for the sins of the mother (Asman, 2004).

Given all the information given above the argument is then made whether or not abortions should be legalized in all cases for women living in Middle Eastern countries. One of the analogues to this situation which may be considered can be found within the standing of the Catholic Church regarding abortion. The primary argument given by the Catholic Church against abortion is based on the edict that life begins at the exact point of conception. Thus taking a life of a fetus at even given time during the pregnancy is considered murder, which is in itself an unconscionable sin even in Islam.

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