Sample Essay

Dietrich’s first American film and her second with Von Sternberg attribute what would soon turn out to be a recognizable character – her as a nightclub performer who bewitches all those who see her. Here, the “sufferers” of her Amy Jolly are Gary Cooper as an associate of the French Foreign Legion and Adolphe Menjou as a freshly arrived playboy. Amy falls for Cooper’s Tom Brown, but she’s a girl-in-every-oasis type, and soon must be set up again. They’d had no strings, of course, but soon.

What makes Morocco extraordinary for its point in occasion is its reassurance with sexuality. Dietrich was one of the discussion maker’s and critic’s first sex symbols, and she smokes whether she’s performing in a scanty costume or an all-covering tuxedo. If Britney Spears and Madonna raised eyebrows with a devastatingly dramatic kiss just last year, Amy’s kiss of a woman in the spectators during her first night at the club comes off as artless and lively. She is the one, who set off things with Brown even though he’s far from pedantic himself.

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