Sample Essay

The legendary aircraft is rising since its first flight on 27th of April 2005 in Toulouse, France.  Since then the astounding product has been sold out to 14 large airline companies including Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways and Air France. A large number of more than 150 units are sold out to date and the feedbacks received are the representatives of innovative manufacturing and the comfortable flight experience it provides. The architecture of the plane is still known to be the most pioneering of all featuring a double decked compartment which accommodates 500+ passengers who are likely to have their best experience of travelling (if they have never travelled before in the A380).

It can be said that since the innovative technologies are evolved in the manufacturing of the A30 Airbus, it has impacted greatly towards modern life, since the mode of travel and transportation an eased up for the customers making them relaxed about the hectic flight schedule they have. The comforts provided due to the innovative designs and structured collaborated with enhanced technologies are gone beyond the level of questions. Thus it is hence proved that innovations successfully implemented returns a lot efficiently.

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