Sample Essay

The totalitarian party squeezes the life from the society and runs every thing according to the ideals made by a single faction while people are not involved in the decision making. It is portrayed in the novel as how the party works under the slogan, ‘who controls the past’ controls the future and who ‘controls the present controls the past’ (Orwell 46), which serves to represent the very nature of the party that is authoritative and powerful from the beginning till the end.

The party has become invincible through the policies taken under Big Brother who is a stereotypical representation of a dictator. The party controls the minds of the people as the past of the people is rewritten and people do not know any thing from the past so that they would compare it to their present condition. Certain words as ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ have been ommited from the new dictionary, ‘Newspeak’, so that these ideas would be abolished on their own. The minds are controlled through language.

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