Sample Essay

There are also the kinds of models that featured healthcare as a prototype and this prototype was referred as ‘Who does What for Whom at what Cost and with what Effect’ (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University, 1995) where Who represents those people who are serving whether the healthcare services, any organizational services or individual services. In the prototype What is referring to the service being provided whether it is an event or any encounter it is just specifying the task of service provider.

Whom is passing on the concept of a person, client or a patient who is receiving that service. Whom also includes the patient’s condition and history of the case. Another feature of prototype is at what cost and it refers to the money asked for service provision and serves the fiscal realm. Finally With what Effect includes the account of resultant one gets after receiving the services. This resultant has a wide impact on the society and life of that man (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University, 1995).

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