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Essay: Who Founded Chiropractic Practices | Term Paper Queen

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There is evidence to suggest that Palmer found that seeds of his techniques within the works of Andrew Taylor Still who is the father of osteopathy. According to records, the date when Daniel David Palmer first founded this practice was September 18th, 1895. It was on this day when the father of modern chiropractic worked on manoeuvring the spine of a janitor named Harvey Lillard.

It is said that due to this therapy Lillard was cured of his deafness. His second patient was a man who suffered from a cardiac condition and was also subsequently cured. He combined the medical knowledge he gained from Still with the knowledge he had of the bonesetters. According to Palmer writings the practice was defined by use of energy in the infusion and healing of ailments of the body. Such energy infusion was to correct defects in the spine which he believed obstructed the normal flow of energy of the column. The success of his theories led to Palmer opening up the first school dedicated to the practice of chiropractic in a year (Ernst 2008). The first school to establish the teaching of this profession was made in Davenport, Iowa and was known as the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1897 (British Chiropractic Association 2010).

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