Sample Essay

Essay:Mostly children become victims of trafficking reason being they are uneducated, easy to convince easy to overpower and so that they can help their parents. Street children, children in the refugee camps are mostly the victims of these traffickers.

A number of researches were carried out in order to determine the basic postulates that are giving rise to the sex tourism around the world. For instance, one research that was conducted in a school of Western Cape Town as an awareness campaign resulted in the list of 66 names of the students who were abused. Many law agencies have implemented the laws to diminish the child sex tourism in almost every country. According to the UNICEF report, there were about 15,000 underage girls who were available for the sex tourism with repeated customers (Jones).

The prevailing problem of child sex tourism in Africa is widely accepted by the parents of those children who are being smuggled to all the parts of the world. The leniency of parents on this situation is due to the poor socio-economic conditions that are being faced by African families. Fancy brochures and websites help the sex offenders to search about the best prostitution available to them. The clients pay handsome amount to the pimps and agencies which are responsible for organizing the sex tourism. A sufficient part of the amount of money is then transferred to the parents of these children (Sloth).

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