Sample Essay

WLAN, Wireless Local Area Network, can generally be defined as a computer network architecture that allows communication between various localized (i.e. located over a short distance) computing devices making use of radio or  infrared technology and hence eliminating the need to wire all the networked computers together. Today wireless LANs are widely deployed in places such as corporate office conference rooms, industrial warehouses, Internet-ready classrooms, and even coffeehouses.

“Wireless communication involves transmitting signals via radio waves through air and space. Signals are measured in frequency and amplitudes” (Harris, n.d.). The frequency determines the amount of data that can be carried. However higher frequencies are also prone to greater interference from the atmosphere as the distance from the source increases.

“A wide range of broadband wireless data transmission technologies are used in various frequency ranges.  Broadband wireless signals occupy frequency bands that may be shared with microwave, satellite and radar, for example.” (Harris, n.d.) These technologies are used for television transmissions, cellular phones, satellite transmissions, spying, surveillance, and garage door openers etc.

WLAN uses a transceiver, called an access point (AP), which connects to an Ethernet cable; this cable links the wireless devices to the wired network.  The APs are in fixed locations throughout a network and work as communication beacons.

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