Sample Essay

As the story progresses along more and more details emerge that support this conclusion. Marlow seem to see the forest as a wave of dark human beings, as if the native are constantly waiting to strike from the darkness and end him. It is perhaps due to this paranoia that when he finally does find Kurtz, Marlow seems to be the only person giving the man the benefit of the doubt and wanting to help him. As if reflecting his own need to save his life and not succumb to the same insanity as Kurtz himself.

Given that the story was written in Victorian times and the culture inherently viewed women as naïve creatures who needed to be protected from the world around them. It may seem sexist when we consider that at the end of the tale Marlow chose to lie to Kurtz wife rather than tell her the truth about her husband’s final moments, as a way to prevent any harm from coming to her emotional wellbeing. However, we must also take into consideration that even though the comment may seem sexist that Marlow only said it not to protect Kurtz’s wife but rather to protect himself. Because he does not want to admit to himself that given how they both stared into the heart of darkness. They both are susceptible to the same madness that overcame and strong and virulent man such as Kurtz.

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