Sample Essay

In my own experience as a woman I have seen friends in my life who I care about engage in self-destructive behaviors which not only hurt them but also those around them. I have tried to help these people find meaning in their lives, to not be dependent on mood altering substances to give them purpose, but to find purpose within themselves. My ineffectuality and helplessness has often made me turn to God and ask why such things happen, to question his wisdom.

Milton however does not fall into the same trap of losing his faith despite being in the situation he is in. Rather he remains steadfast in his belief and sees that patience is a virtue in this case. Although he first asks how he can serve God despite being helpless. The answer comes to him that there are thousands who serve God while having the tools that he seeks, such tools make serving God easier, thus it is he who has a chance to serve him best. Those who can be steadfast in their beliefs and still be ready to stand and serve him despite these events which endeavor to make them lose faith have a “Kingly” status. Thus those “who only stand and wait” are those who best serving God since they’re belief shines as an example to those thousands who do his bidding (Milton).

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