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Essay: Women’s Issues | Term Paper Queen

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The debate of gender inequality, discrimination and bias has been going on for a long time and men and women alike have contributed to the sensitive issue with the latter contributing significantly to the subject. The main theme in all discussions, researches, seminars, writings and interviews related to gender discrimination is fundamentally common and addresses the equality of the sexes. This paper explains whether innate gender differences exist and how they determine the abilities, choices and aptitudes that differentiate men from women in both personal and professional lives. This explanation forms its basis articulately on several literary works included in chapter six of American vision and values of the Kirkpatrick Signature series.

Almost all articles explain how women have been misunderstood, mistreated and discriminated throughout the years in the male driven society. One of the articles also present an opposing ideology by implying that feminism is overrated and has actually harmed women rather than providing any benefits (Mansfield, 2006). The study of all articles reveals that innate gender differences exist today as they existed several years ago with the only difference being the way these differences affect decision making, abilities and perceptions of individuals. The gender differences highly impact the decisions made by males and females both in personal as well as professional lives.

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