Sample Essay

This resulted in the Seneca Falls Convention which was the first ever women’s rights convention in the USA. A “Declaration of Sentiments” was created which stated that “all men and women are created equal.” Some women rejected the ideas as they seemed too “shocking,” however the good work done by that era can be seen in today’s society (Wilson, 2006). Some organizations such as the Odd Fellows continued to reject women’s inclusion. One member of the Odd Fellows explains: “Lodges of Odd Fellows are formed, and in them men are banded together to do what is natural for women to do. The leading principles of our Order are but the innate principles of women’s nature” (Franco, 1985).

However, despite all the objections from the male segment and even some females, the women’s movement flourished in this era and a lot of positives can be extracted from that time for the women population.

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