Sample Essay

Woman is the most beautiful creation of God and is supposed to be the symbol of affection, care, kindliness, and idealized in many societies but today this image has wrecked up and people have started to symbolize her with odd things. These things include pornographic ads, sexual plea, etc. Women are being morally criticized; where their bodies are judged on the first place before anything else. Women’s features are being portrayed in a lucrative way. A girl not having a figure 36-24-36 is considered as out of shape. Sometimes any selling product that has nothing to do with women is advertised with a woman very sensually promoting that product.

Media has created this hype in many ways as they have made girls of today crazy about women who are perfectly in shape, and have kept them updated with current fashion, who love shopping, who act sensually. For example, Barbie is an icon and was made with an inspiration of famous prostitute Lisa (Gilman).

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