Sample Essay

One question which enters my mind is that even though Plato says that the only way for these individuals to truly understand their importance would be to under a perspective which is beyond them. Instead of offering such a perspective, he merely says it is better for them to work in ignorance. That they should simply trust their philosopher king to know what is best for them. While I understand how the lack of knowledge might be a debilitating factor in their decision making process, I do not understand why Plato does not see the need for education of these souls rather than their blind obedience.

If I consider Socrates teachings it seems that he wishes to provide an understanding of our environment by challenging our belief in what we know, while Plato simply regards accepting them as the most beneficial act. That it is better to leave the decision making process to our leaders than to question them at every turn.

Taking education into account is a very difficult matter. On the one hand, pursuance of knowledge is of paramount importance to not only know ourselves but also the world around us. Yet where does the attainment of knowledge end and education begin. Knowledge is simply words, phrases, books and ideas of other who have come before. Education is the implementation and integration of those ideas and extensively challenging them until they yield new perspectives of which we were previously not knowledgeable. Where then is the line drawn between challenging such ideas and accepting them.

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