Sample Essay

Essay: Apart from the advent of high speed internet the forces which have dented the movie industry the most includes powerful computer systems with the capability of DVD readers and writers, enhanced file sharing services, and other portable video devices which has made the downloading of videos quicker and simpler. According to a survey the free and illegal video content that is available on the web is out spacing the paid video download by four to one ratio.

The problem thee forces have caused is that because of the high availability of illegal videos the companies related with the movie industry are suffering great loss, as more and more people are watching these movies on the web rather than visiting the theaters.

When this phenomenon started to grow major movie studios settled an agreement with the sites like Cinema Now and Movie Link to sell movie online through downloading. Before this these sites used to rent the movies, means that the customer had to watch the movie within 24 hours. It had a good result as many consumers very happy to pay for the legal download copyrighted material. Also the companies thought that through this the issue of piracy would also be eradicated.

First of all what do we man by disruptive technology, this terms means a new technology that unexpectedly and displaces an established technology. Or in other words any technology which improves a product or service in a way that the market doesn’t expect. In this case the disruptive technology which daunted the most was YouTube.  Before YouTube there was no proper platform from which videos can be so easily uploaded or viewed. It emerged in 2005 and very quickly became the most popular video sharing site in the whole world. Many of the movies trailers and clips were found on YouTube which again created issues for the movie fraternity.

To tackle with this growing phenomenon some of the leading studio companies including NBC Universal, Time Warner’s, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox etc sat with the YouTube management to seek out this issue. Bothe the parties agreed on establishing licensing agreements which would make the copyright content available.

Another objective which was fulfilled with this was the studio owners soon realized that the exposure that their upcoming movies would get from these highly trafficked websites would be immense. Following this many of the companies posted their promotional video clips on such sites.

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