Sample Essay

Social-cultural forces: Socio-cultural factors, such as age, income level, usage rates and place of residence, have an impact on the choice of smartphone (Rebecca, 2011; ComScore, 2011). For example, there is a clear dichotomy of which age groups use which smartphone brand: the Android, which is the most popular smartphone in the UK market, appeals to both young and older users (Rebecca, 2011). The Android is the most popular brand of smartphone amongst those aged between 25-34, with an adoption rate of 36% (which is higher than the UK national smartphone adoption rate); however, 25% of all retirees also own an Android phone (Rebecca, 2011).

Geographically, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand, and is owned by 42% of all Londoners (compared to Android and Blackberry, which are owned by just 15% and 11% of all Londoners respectively) (Rebecca, 2011). Additionally, usage varies between brands, with iPhones reporting the heaviest usage rates among all smartphone brans (2 in every ten users of iPhones spend at least four hours daily on their smartphones, compared to just out of every ten users for the Blackberry and the Android) (Rebecca, 2011).

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