The beauty of this scene is the camera work that has been done where both the German and the Roman forces are taken into action simultaneously. Both the forces get side by side into action and then Maximus signals the other troops to fire the cannibals. One thing more before the battle started Maximus delivers a small speech to his men which really make them realize that they are fighting against the enemies of the state and that their pride is all in saving and defending their mother land.

The cannibals are then fired and the archer ignites their arrows and throws them at the enemies. Generally throughout the sequence the long angel shot has been taken which gives a very panoramic view of the whole battlefield alongside the lead characters. Moving forward the battle starts with both the forces equally colliding each other. Also to mention the sound that has been setup for this particular scene is very adjacent with the scene, meaning that it is fully in line with the requirement of the scene. The scene ends when the battle is over and comprehensively won by the Romans.

The main idea that we have to derive from this movie is the strong and charismatic leadership of Maximus. Throughout the sequence the thing that has been focused is the character of the general, that shows confidence, strength, courage, believe and faith in the capabilities of his force. These are some of the characteristics that are present in the character which eventually leads him towards becoming a gladiator.

Overall the movie is not like the average action movies. It contains deep emotions in every level. Great level of emotional attachment is shown on the part of Maximus towards his family. Each of the supporting characters has played their part very well in their restricted domains. The music in the movie is very gripping and passionate. Then supernatural and plain parts are captured very well by the director of photography. Script is solid as a rock and the most important thing about the movie was that it was not complex; the director has kept things very easy which can be easily understood by the audience. The characters are very passionately performing their roles, the story really shows heroics and its very convincing, music is very captivating, and what I guess would have been the most difficult part in the movie are the sets that have been designed in the movie. The construction of the imperial Rome and the arena were the gladiator were battling were very hard to construct. The costumes are very good and descriptive, giving a very good look about the characters space and body language.

The character of Maximus is set up in such a way that it inspires the whole force in the initial part and then the other gladiators in the second half of the movie. In real life also many people idealize him as a man of honor and dignity. Maximus is presenting all the values that a human being can dream about like honesty, courage, honor, loyalty, love for family and country, and an unstoppable sense of duty.

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