Richard Attenborough’s film ‘Gandhi’ was based on the life of the national hero of the Subcontinent Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi has been idealized owing to his non-violence resistance against the British Raj (rule) in India during the 20th century. The film, starring Ben Kingsley as Gandhi, attained a positive response winning Academic Awards. The filmmakers claim to face hurdles in featuring the character of Gandhi whose character was revered by millions of Indians.

The film commences with the assassination of the great leader and then tells the story of his early life. The film traces the struggle of Gandhi for the rights of the Indians and how he started his efforts earlier when he was denied in a train in South Africa for being an Indian. From here he starts a non-violence campaign for the rights of the Indians in South Africa where his efforts are met with success and Indians are granted their rights in South Africa. The fame of Gandhi reaches his own country and he is adored to the extent of a savior to whom the Indians looked as the one who could help them getting freedom from the British rule. After two weeks of second World War the British agrees to grant independence to the Indians but it is the Muslim leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah who wins over a separate nation for the Muslims who feared that the Hindus would usurp their rights once they got separated from the British Raj (rule) .Gandhi was against the division of India in the name of religion and declared that Hindus and Muslims are children of one god (Parel, 2007).

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