There are two types of people within a society. The first type of individuals are the ones who care about the wellbeing of the society and its members. The second type of individuals are the ones who only care about themselves and their betterment. A good citizen knows how to keep a balance of his or her personal requirements and the requirements of the society. In order to be good citizens, individuals are required to perform the role of a citizen well. In this Essay on “How to Be a Good Citizen?” we will discuss the factors required to be a better citizen.

Having good citizen within a society is a blessing. A good citizen feels that it is his or her responsibility towards the state. Which is why he or she is well aware of his or her privileges and duties. A good citizen will always follow the rules and regulation of the country he/she lives in. He or she will have a firm and deep faith in the welfare of his or her native land. He/she has to respect the constitution of his/her state. Furthermore, a good citizen must be watchful against the adversaries of the state. He/she should not have any sympathy for that citizen who are lawbreakers, and he/she should make the criminals feel that all good citizens are against them.

Being a better citizen revolves around the attitude and actions an individual’s takes for the betterment of the society he/ she was born in. A good citizen is well aware of what is right or wrong. By following the rules and regulations of the state develops a sense of conscience within an individual. Furthermore, apart from following the rules and regulation of the country, a good citizen must be a good student, always work hard, and stay informed.

In order to be useful for the society an individual needs to gain a quality education. This will create a solid foundation for the society, and help you make proper decisions. Education will help you keep informed and attain specific field related skills. Furthermore, it will give you an understanding of the things amidst you.

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